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"Business Manager"

"Business Manager" or 'kei-ei kan-ri' in Japanese is one of "Status of Residence" defined by Japanese immigration law.

Scope of activities that can be carried out under the status of residence of "Business Manager"

With the status of residence of "Business Manager", you can conduct business management or engage in management of the project

Specifically, as an activity to manage the business, the president, the director, the corporate auditor, etc. of the company, and the department manager, the branch manager, the plant manager etc. correspond to the activities to manage the business.

Requirement of "Business Manager"

A foreign national who wishes to work in Japan under the status of "Business Manager" must fulfill one of the following requirements. (Ministerial Ordinance No. 16)

Ƃ̌oc Ƃ̊Ǘ
A business establishment to operate the business related to the application exists in Japan. However, if the project is not started, the facility to be used as a place of business to operate the project is secured in Japan.
The scale of the business pertaining to the application falls under any of the following. (A) Two or more full-time staff who reside in Japan other than those engaged in management or management (excluding those who stay with the status of residence in the upper column of Appended Table 1) are engaged about.
(B) The amount of capital or the total amount of contributions is 5 million yen or more.
It must be recognized as being of a scale equivalent to high or low.
Must have at least 3 years' experience (including the period of majoring in management or management courses at graduate school) on business management or management of business.
To receive remuneration equal to or more than the compensation paid when Japanese work.

(This is a brief expression of the requirement of "Business Manager" of the status of residence.Confirm the precise requirement by the provisions of the law.)

Securing offices

In order for the status of residence of "Business Manager" to be permitted, it is necessary that an independent establishment exists and is secured for the business.

In order to be recognized as a place of business,

Economic activity is carried out under a single management entity occupying a certain place, that is, one section.
Production or provision of goods and services is continuously carried out with people and facilities.

are required. (Japan Standard Industry Classification General Principles Paragraph 2 stipulated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

Therefore, if you are using a part of your home as a business office, you may not be permitted to have a status of residence of "Business Manager". Also, it is not permitted to use a virtual office that does not have monthly rental space or physical space.

Business scale

Business to run
- It is of scale to use more than two full-time employees
- The amount of capital or the total amount of investment is more than 5 million yen.
or a scale equivalent to these.

Business continuity

Continuity is required so that the business to be operated will not be interrupted in the middle of the applicant 's period of stay.

Period of Stay

"Period of Stay" will be determined among one of the followings.
5-year, 3-year, 1-year, 4-month or 3-month.

Spouse and Children

Spouse and/or Children of a person who is staying in Japan under the status of "Business Manager" will be qualified for the status "Dependent".

List of "Status of Residence"
Table I (1)
Diplomat Official Professor Artist Religious Activities Journalist
Table I (2) Business Manager   Legal/Accounting Services   Medical Services   Researcher   Instructor   Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services   Intracompany Transferee   Entertainer   Skilled Labor  
Table I (3) Cultural Activities Temporary Visitor
Table I (4) Student Pre-college Student Trainee Dependent
Table I (5) Designated Activities
Table II Permanent Resident Spouse or Child of Japanese national Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident Long Term Resident
Special Permanent Resident Special Permanent Resident

Immigration Assistance

As a registered immigration/visa specialist or "Gyoseishoshi", we can offer various services related to immigration procedures.

Services we can offer are

Consultation - to find out Status of Residence/Procedures that may best suit you and/or your family member, etc.
Documentation - to prepare and/or advice the documents you need to submit to the Immigration Bureau
Representation/Agency - to submit the documents and communicate with the Immigration Bureau on your behalf

and so forth.

Please let us know your situation. Inquiry Form

Working visa
Professor uv
Artist u|pv
Religious Activities u@v
Journalist u񓹁v
Business Manager uocEǗv
Legal/Accounting Services u@EvƖv
Medical Services uÁv
Researcher uv
Instructor uv
Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services uZpElmEۋƖv
Intracompany Transferee uƓ]΁v
Entertainer usv
Skilled Labor uZ\v

General visa
Cultural Activities uv
Student uwv
Pre-College Student uAwv
Trainee uCv
Dependent uƑ؍݁v

Specified visa
Spouse or Child of Japanese national u{l̔zғv
Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident uiZ҂̔zғv
Long Term Resident uZҁv
Designated Activities u芈v

Permanent Residency
Permanent Resident uiZҁv
Special Permanent Resident uʉiZҁv

Visiting visa
Temporary Visitor uZ؍݁v

Diplomatic visa
Diplomat uOv

Official visa
Official upv

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